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An easy mental health journal to find some anxiety relief and conquer the dumpster fire days.


The guided prompts in The Anxiety Check-In ask the simple, honest questions to help sort the thoughts racing through your head. A non-intimidating resource for your mental health, this book will show you how to be happy by covering sections on:

  • Wellness: a handy guide for what positive mental health does (and doesn't) look like to help you get started and set manageable goals
  • Anxiety: tips for identifying anxiety, dealing productively with stress and pressure, and saying "yes" to life even when it scares you
  • Depression: advice for weathering the storm and reconnecting with the activities and people that will lift you out of your funk
  • Self-awareness: face facts and make a plan for the real you?not the one who's always "fine," but the one who struggles and still deserves good things
  • Self-love: recommendations for loving yourself no matter how your day is going and reminders that self-care is a daily practice

The Anxiety Check In - Bree Cartwright


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