• All vinyl records are brand new and ordered directly from the producing company.


  • Strictly no rush orders as records are not on hand unless otherwise stated.


  • Cut-off date is every 12th and 30th of the month. Please settle payment before the cut-off date so we can order your vinyl record as soon as possible. Delivery time will take 6-7 working days after cut-off period.

Don'T Panic: It'S Longer Now! - All Time Low

    • A Love Like War (Feat. Vic Fuentes)
    • Backseat Serenade
    • Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted)
    • If These Sheets Were States
    • Somewhere in Neverland
    • So Long Soldier
    • Canals
    • The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver
    • To Live and Let Go
    • Outlines
    • Thanks to You
    • For Baltimore
    • Paint You Wings
    • So Long, and Thanks for All The Booze
    • Oh, Calamity!
    • For Baltimore (Acoustic)
    • Somewhere In Neverland (Acoustic)
    • The Reckless And The Brave (Acoustic)
    • Backseat Serenade (Acoustic)

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